404 errors caused by incorrect URLs


We are getting thousands of errors on our site because someone is trying to load URLs like this: https://www.realplasticfree.com:443/product/8940/ https:/www.realfoods.co.uk/article/shops/health-and-beauty/shops/raw-foods/shops/health-and-beauty/shops/house-and-baby/books,-clothing-and-stationery i.e. they are concatenating two URLs which generates an error - which is recorded and clogs up our error storage and alerting.

Is there any way we can filter these out before they cause the error on our site?

Thanks, Jon


You could create either a Redirect Rule or a WAF Custom Rule to deal with these requests:

When incoming requests match...
URI Path contains "https://"

Thank you. The custom rule sorted it. Won’t need to ask again for similar issues, so thanks again!

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