404 Error, with Cloudflare Underneath. DOMAIN IS NOT EVEN WITH CLOUDFLARE?!

I am getting a 404 Error, with Cloudflare written underneath the 404 text. But my DOMAIN IS NOT EVEN WITH Cloudflare?! It’s not even on this account? So why is it showing up?

Please let me know, asap.


If you post the domain ASAP someone here could have a look at it :wink:


You have configured a CNAME for Clickfunnels and their infrastructure is behind Cloudflare, hence the error message.

Oh, I see. Thanks.

How come it’s not forwarding? (I will ask Clickfunnels too, but just in case, thought I would ask…)

Thats a question for Clickfunnels. My guess is they dont recognise your domain but you really need to clarify this with them.

Ok, great! Thanks!

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