404 error when trying to connect to WordPress admin

I get an 404 error when i try to log into My web admin after i configure cloudfare. I use full strict ssl and https is turned on. Can You tell me any way to solve this?

Without knowing the domain, we can’t check anything. Have you checked your server logs for that 404 error entry?

www.divorcios.ar is My domain.

There is a redirect loop issue. Change “Flexible” SSL mode to Full Strict at TLS/SSL menu in Cloudflare

Wait 5 minutes, then check in incognito
If you see SSL error page with Cloudflare branding, means you do not have valid SSL certificate at origin server which should be for end-to-end secure connection from visitor to cloudflare to server.

Install Cloudflare Orgin SSL certificate. If you are not able to do consult hosting provider.


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