404 error when trying to add domain to icloud

When i try adding my domain to the custom icloud email option, i get asked to sign in with Cloudflare and a login popup shows up, after loging in, i get a “404 | We can’t find the page you’re looking for.”


Hi, when I click the final Continue button in the iCloud+ custom email domain setup, a new window is opened at the below Cloudflare address. However, this URL 404s (image at end of post).

How do I fix this? Or is this an issue on Apple’s end?


Seeing the same issue.
Was having some trouble with older email ids stuck in the iCloud+ panel so I removed it in a attempt to re add.

Thats when this issue happened. Apple does not seem to be providing the DNS records for manual entry, and I think its the iCloud_token which is creating trouble. in dns.


Can confirm same issue here. Not a great start for my plans of switching from Google after they cancelled the G Suite legacy free edition :frowning:


Same problem here.

Disappointing on the Cloudflare side that there doesn’t seem to be any way to reach Cloudflare support directly :frowning:

Disappointing on the Apple side that there’s no option to continue with manual configuration.:frowning:


I’m trying to add a custom domain managed with Cloudflare to iCloud. iCloud in turn redirects me to a Domain Connect URL on the Cloudflare site which gives me a 404:


Does Cloudflare actually implement domainconnect? The definition for this provider seems to be in their Github repo at least: Templates/icloud.com.custom_email_domain.json at master · Domain-Connect/Templates · GitHub


My guess is that it’s likely a problem on Apple’s side but I’m not sure, it would probably need to be resolved between them and Cloudflare anyway. I have no idea why Apple aren’t giving the records to add manually.

I am currently experiencing the same problem.
Cloudflare shows 404, and there’s no way to set the DNS manually on iCloud.

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Also facing the same issue.


This has absolutely nothing to do with the problem in question?


I am having the same problem. I tried using different browsers, computers and WiFi networks but all of them end with the 404 error. I posted on the iCloud community and got told to report it to Cloudflare. Doesn’t seem to have much effect though…


Not sure if anyone attempted this but it is not working even if you add the entries manually.

MX         @                          mx01.mail.icloud.com
MX         @                          mx02.mail.icloud.com
CNAME      sig1._domainkey            sig1.dkim.{example}.com.at.icloudmailadmin.com
TXT        @                          "v=spf1 include:icloud.com ~all"
TXT        @                          apple-domain=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX(16 character token)

I have the same issue. Tried to work with Apple Support but looks like it’s not on their end. I was able to add other domains to iCloud but not the domains with Cloudflare.

I was on the phone with Apple Support quite a bit today, because I’m having the same issue. Long story short, they’ve escalated this to engineering and should be getting back with me.

Their support organization is not setup to handle these types of requests; as they don’t have a way internally of decoupling hardware and cloud/hosted services. They had to tie my request to my iPhone and run extensive diagnostics.

Anyway, I digress… I’ll update this thread when I hear back from Apple engineering about this.

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I’ve also tried using Twitter to reach out to Cloudflare. Maybe you could all jump in and retweet to get more visibility: https://twitter.com/lucasajackson/status/1499178343224287232

A Domain Connect integration was released by Cloudflare but only partially and earlier than planned. We will roll this back until we’ve finished the missing pieces on our end. We’re sorry for the issues caused by this.


Thank you for looking into this!

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Thank you so much.
I can confirm that now I was able to add everything manually and it worked perfectly.
Issue solved. :slight_smile:

pietrob, would you care to share how you managed to add it manually?

Did you add the MX and TXT records manually in Cloudflare? Which settings did you use? And then when you verified the domain in iCloud (step 3) did it detect that the settings were already updated?

I had to restart the process of adding a custom domain to iCloud. From there, I immediately got an email from Apple including all the configuration needed to manually add DNS entries. I am guessing Apple “auto-detects” if there’s Domain Connect or not, and then either sends you there immediately or gives you manual configurations.

There were a total of 5 configurations sent by Apple:

MX 1 and 2
TXT (apple-domain)

I then just added myself a DMARC record.
Hope this helps!