404 error when Diag

I did the Diagnostic check and it says “Looks good” for everything, but my site still brings up a 404 whenever I login and try to do something in Wordpress admin. The site does not show a 404 when I go to outside of the admin area. I am on wordpress hosted by vultr and serverpilotio. My SSL is on Flexible. On https://www.whatsmydns.net, everything works for the A record. Nothing works for the CNAME if that means anything. I am new.

Ok I just enabled the SSL certificate (and the Redirect to HTTPS) on my server, and put cloudfare to full and it still gives me 404 for my wordpress admin view.

My Wordpress adress and site address in the Wordpress Settings is still the IP address if that means anything. I haven’t changed it to the domain name.

That’s certainly a problem. If you can’t edit those hostnames in wp-admin’s General Settings, then you’ll have to add those settings to your wp-config.php file:

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I got it, thank you

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