404 Error - some browers aren't including www

I recently re-directed my website, I have a DNS record that looks like this:

Type: Name Content TTL Proxy Status
CNAME “website”.com “website”.teachable.com Auto DNS only
CNAME www “website”.teachable.com Auto DNS only

When I go to my URL in Chrome it works but if I go in Edge there is a 404, unless I explicily put www. behind the URL.

Do I just need to fill out www.“website”.com in the second CNAME record? I don’t want to bust anything while my site is live.

Thanks for the help!

You’ll need to configure your website to accept also your naked domain, right now it appears only “www” is configured.

That is a question for your host however I am afraid. Cloudflare is not involved in this, particularly because it is not proxied but you only use DNS. Though even if proxied it was something your host needs to configure.

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