404 error on website

I have setup cloudflare properly
I get ssl on the website but it gives me a 404 error when the website file.s are ok, the website was working properly before ssl(http) now it gives 404


For starters, you should fix HTTPS on your server. Right now you neither have a valid certificate on your server nor even any SSL configuration.

i have apache2, i configured the default ssl file in sites-available

Does your server IP address end in 204?


In that case - as I said - there is no SSL configured at all. You need to fix that first.

like on my server or cloudflare

On your server, as I already said.

do u have any link where i can get to know how to do it

google.com :slight_smile:

“Configure Apache for SSL”

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also talking. bout that, cud letsencrypt do that work for me, settin the ssl configuration

Lets Encrypt will certainly work, as will a Cloudflare Origin certificate.

also to mention am using mybb

Have you fixed the certificate?


I presume your server IP address still ends in 204. If that is the case, currently there is nothing running on that address at all. Neither HTTP nor HTTPS.

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