404 error on speed test and cloudfare only half working

I have two domain name on the same server, same config with let’s encrypt, nginx and cloudfare, sane name server, same cloudfare config… except one works perfectly with cloudfare and the other only half way.

for domain 2 that works, the Cloudfare certificate appear even if I configured a Let’s encrypt, I don’t know if that’s normal, but everything just works.

For domain 1 I get this error on speed :

If I check the box “I’m under attack” it doesnt display the 5 second loading page, the website still works, it is proxied, I get some analytics but I couldn’t make it work completely with cloudfare.

It might come from my configuration but I didn’t find anything, if anyone have some idea please let me know.

Hi @xlr2, are you still seeing this? In digging, I did notice some other incidents of this before the domain was fully active on cloudflare and they cleared up after activation.

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