404 error on one Windows 10 computer after changing DNS

I am unable to access my website on one of three computers browsers after changing DNS records. I get a 404 error. I have tried:

  • clearing the cache
  • turning off firewall
  • contacting my name and site host
    When I run TRACERT eyedeals.com it does not connect and yields after one hop
    When I run TRACERT www.eyedeals.com it connects to the site.
    When entering either eyedeals.com or www.eyedeals.com in any browser on this particular Windows 10 computer I get the 404 error message as I mentioned.
    Any thoughts or suggestions.

Unlikely, but did you happen to put your old DNS entries into your local hosts file?

If you have Chrome (Firefox does this also), open up the Dev Tools window and check the Dev Tools’ Network tab to watch the connections. A 404 makes me think you’re reaching a web server that doesn’t have the expected content.

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There is a line in the host file: eyedeals.com
I deleted that line, saved the file and I’m able to access the site!
I seem to recall that I added this to the host file when I was setting up a local development server.
Thanks so much for the help.

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