404 error on main domain

Hi, our website was working for weeks, then today we’re getting a “404 page not found” for the main domain (ballsyfoods.com) but a subdomain works fine (club.ballsyfoods.com).

When I check DNS Checker, the domain shows red X’s → DNS Checker - DNS Propagation Check & DNS Lookup

The CNAME is the same for ballsyfoods.com and www subdomain. Proxied.

With URL forwarding:

I tried Purging the Cache. No change.

This has stumped me on what seems to be a basic setup. Would anyone have a hint on this one?

Thank you, Tom

This subdomain does not even exist.

You can’t technically have a CNAME for the apex domain, so Cloudflare will always convert it to an “A” record. Plus…if it’s :orange: Proxied, it’d also show up as an “A” record.

Back to the issue…the main domain actually redirects to ‘www’, and that’s where the 404 is.

What’s your SSL/TLS mode? It should be Full (Strict).

Yes it does, it’s a CNAME.

Yep the subdomain’s full URL is The Ballsy Club Sign-up | Ballsy Foods (working, yay).

SSL is Full Mode.
Screenshot 2021-11-29 194738

Does “Full(Strict)” require a 3rd party SSL certificate?

Full (Strict) requires a valid certifiate. Either from Let’s Encrypt, etc., or an official Cloudflare Origin certificate:

Quite often, a 404 shows up when the server isn’t properly configured for HTTPS.

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Thank you @sdayman ! The website is coming through as expected now and the subdomain has continued to work too. :+1:

I appreciate your help and insights!

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I mean that when u go to that subdomain , there is a message which says that this page is no longer available

Thanks @CreatorRevealed . You’re right, the subdomain shouldn’t go to an ugly page like that. That’ll just confuse people.

You currently have a security issue.

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