404 error - leadersfactor.com

Leadersfactor.com is 404

The name servers point to Cloudflare. It was working for the past year and now for days it’s 404 - I need help… please!

If I’m in the wrong place or using the community incorrectly then I apologize. I just need my domain back up :weary:

I’m really new and admittedly have no clue how to manage my DNS. I need help even on how to get help.

Here’s what I do know… my domain was resolving and now it’s not and I have no clue why. How may I get help with this?

My desire and goal is to have my domain - leadersfactor.com - redirect to - program.leadersfactor.com - eg leadersfactor.Thinkific.com

Program.leadersfactor.com works but leadersfactor.com is 404

Can someone please help me out?

Essentially use this community guide to set up a Page Rule so your domain redirects to your subdomain.

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Thank you so much for your help, Kyle. I have setup the rules and www from reading the help documents (as best I can understand) and interestingly it was working for months. It seems something has changed.

I am attaching screen shorts in hopes that you might review what I have done and suggest changes. I use have something wrong…? I appreciate your help so much!

Please find my DNS and Rules as screenshots.

Ok, I added the A record for www > and not I get. Different error 522

. Please see attached image.

I’m new and likely do not understand the right way to address the community. I see a statement that my post was flagged by the community and hidden.

Did I do something wrong? I still need to get help on this issue? Can you help me understand?

I don’t see any issue with the image you posted. Go ahead and post it again.

Consider reading the Community Guidelines

I did read that and do not see anything thatI did wrong. I’m just trying to get help! My domain is not resolving!

Well, I don’t know why your post was hidden (but mine were as well)!

Thank you. I am just trying to get help as my domain is not resloving. How can I get help? It seems I have something wrong in either my DNS or rules.

Thanks I’ve taken a look now.

You need to modify rule #2 in the page rules tab to redirect to program.leadersfactor.com not leadersfactor.com

You should probably also add a rule for the redirect for www.

Thanks, Kyle, I appreciate you!