404 error for my webiste

When I click any prodcuts not working showing a 404 error pleas fix me

Hi there,

On the surface, this does not sound like a Cloudflare issue. Does your site work fine with Cloudflare paused?


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When I open the website some pages not open properly, working could you give some suggestion?

as well when I check out from cloudflare they give one error but I don’t know how to accessing pleas give a solutioin how to do that?

Before the community can help you, I would ask that you please answer the following questions

  1. What is the domain name?

  2. Is your site active on Cloudflare? I agree with @albert, I feel that this may not be related to Cloudflare!

Please be advised, there is a 4-hour cool-down between posts, so it’ll be a while before I can reply back to you (once you reply)!

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