404 error after Full SSL

Hello. Im trying to setup cloudflare and my wordpress website to work on full ssl. Currently im on flexible ssl and its working fine. I setup my own certificate and tried to use full ssl. The certificate is working fine but my website then shows only 404 not found error. Even subdomains dont work. When i change back to flexible its working fine again. Using Apache2 and Wordpress. Im pretty sure my certificate is working right becouse when i turn full ssl the certificate works fine but page does not. Some idea how to fix?

Have you tried Pausing Cloudflare (Overview page, lower right corner) and seeing if you can get you site to work with your own certificate? Many browsers will give you a certificate warning, but let you accept that cert and check the site.

As for the certificate itself, if you’re self-signing one, it’s better to use a Cloudflare Origin cert.

Its same issue when i pause the cloudflare. i will see the security warning and then if you will go to the site and accept that warning it will show 404 not found.

If Cloudflare is paused, and you still get that 404, then it’s a server issue.

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certificate or whole server issue? Maybe its becouse the certificate is loaded but it says its invalid? But i did everything right. Do you have idea why the certificate is invalid?


It’s effectively a self-signed certificate. You can tweak your browser to accept it, and then it should behave like a regular site…but just for you since you accept that certificate. Beyond that, the server is performing as configured.

and if i will create Cloudflare origin certificate? And paste that to my server?

That’s still effectively a self-signed certificate. But if the site is proxied through Cloudflare, then Cloudflare knows it’s a legitimate certificate generated by Cloudflare and will accept it just like your browser will. And then proxy it with the standard publicly-accepted certificate.

so i should use the cloudflare? and maybe that will work?

not even cloudflare origin working. same error 404

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