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yesterday I changed my nameservers to cloudflare. After 3 hours I got a message from cloudflare that the nameservers pointing now to cloudflare. Since then I have a 404 error. More than 24 hours have passed and still nothing changed. Do I need to do something else? I thought that the domain (Strato) is pointing to cloudflare nameservers now and thats it. Please let me know how to fix this.
Thanks in advance!


What is your domain?


thanks for the fast reply. the domain is: https:/flustix.com


If you pause Cloudflare, do you still get the issue? This will help narrow it down.


I paused it and cleared my cache. Unfortunately no change. Should I enable it back?
I also read somewhere in a topic that removing the htaccess would help. So I removed it. Should I put it back?


If there was no change, it suggests that it is either an issue with your DNS records in Cloudflare or something on your server.

I haven’t heard that one, not sure it it would help - I doubt it…


I called Strato yesterday and they said they are seeing the new nameservers and that it will take usually 24 hours. Or should it immediately work after receiving the confirmation mail?
How long would it take for the website be available again if I would change the nameservers back to ones of my hoster? 24 hours?

and I see all my strato entries in cloudflare. could this mean that its working?


After receiving the confirmation email, it should correctly work with Cloudflare nameservers (there may be a slight discrepancy with catching in various locations).

If you changed them back, it could be UP TO 24 hrs.

If all the DNS records are correct, it sounds like a server issue. Are Strato unable to help?


Damn! I was reading in other topics that Strato is not working with Cloudflare. Weird is that I mentioned Cloudflare to the customer support and he did not say a thing. Just that it can take longer than 24 hours.

I changed it back. As the website needs to be online. But I will call Strato again.
Thanks for trying to help!


No problem - sorry for the difficulties you face and that I couldn’t be of further help. I presume it is the following:

The IP address of the STRATO web server is not a fixed IP address but is changed at irregular intervals. The use of Cloudflare is therefore unfortunately not possible in the STRATO Hosting Portfolio of STRATO under the current conditions of Cloudflare.

This is the case with only a few hosts I know of and makes it very difficult to set up Cloudflare simply!

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