404 error after changing DNS

I changed DNS to cloudfare for the ssl certificate. After waiting 48 hours I’m still getting a 404 code and site isn’t working. I’ve checked whatsmydns.net and all checked good. I’ve checked name servers and all point to my hosting. Can someone take a look and please give me an idea of how to fix this? (http://www.southernmagnoliaphotography.com)

Hi @stephdedman,

Did you have SSL with your web host and HTTPS working before switching to Cloudflare? If not, and you want SSL, I would suggest contacting your host about this as it seems to be an issue on their side (possibly that the server is not configured for HTTPS).

No I didn’t have one through my hosting.

What if, in Cloudflare Dashboard, under the tab SSL/TLS, you try setting “Flexible” or “Off (not secure)”, is there a difference?

Do you have the original name servers for your domain (the ones of your hosting provider)? If so, can you please list them?

The interesting thing here, is that it seems that the redirect to HTTPS actually happens by a WordPress installation. Do you run Wordpress? If so, did you set it up to redirect to HTTPS:// URL? It should be removed if your original site did not have HTTPS… (you may of course not have Wordpress at all and what I’m seeing could be your webhost sending the traffic to the wrong site…)

If you don’t want SSL, then switch your SSL/TLS mode to off. If you do, you need to ask your hosting provider to configure SSL at your server.

Flexible is not secure and shouldn’t be chosen.

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Yes I have WordPress. The original DNS are ns1.arvixeshared.com

I just tried logging in my WordPress admin and I get the same error.

OK, so I bypassed Cloudflare altogether, and went directly to your original host. When contacting that address over HTTP, the site redirects to the equivalent HTTPS one - this is not related to Cloudflare.

When going to the HTTPS one, as being directed by your site, one gets a certificate which is both not for your site, and also, expired.

So, what you really need, as mentioned before, is to have WP stop trying to redirect your site to HTTPS… it’s quite strange that it does that without you have setting it up in some setting such as “Base URL” or similar in the configuration. I’m afraid you may be required to change something directly on the DB to undo this, or modify some configuration file in your server. But it doesn’t seem like it’s related to Cloudflare at all. It’s kind of strange if it started happening just when you moved to Cloudflare…

P.S. If what you wanted is to do have TLS but to ignore the fact that to your site the traffic is still vulnerable, and for that reason you’ve enabled redirect to HTTPS on Wordpress, then you have been doing it the wrong way: Your server still has to think it’s HTTP, because… it is! The redirection from HTTP to HTTPS must happen on the Cloudflare level; Which is supported; The proper way to do it, is under the SSL/TLS tab, go to the “Edge Certificates” sub-tab, and there, mark: “Always use HTTPS”.

But since your host must accept traffic as HTTP (“Flexible” setting), then your host must still know it’s doing HTTP, and not HTTPS. Otherwise, it sees traffic coming on HTTP from Cloudflare, and then sends the redirect to HTTPS because that’s what it has configured.

So basically I have to change DNS back to arvixe in order to get back in my site to change anything?

As @domjh already wrote, all you need to do is configure a proper certificate on your server.

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I just don’t know how to do that. I thought by creating the cloudfare it did that for me.

No, you can click the orange cloud in the DNS tab to achieve that (it will become grey), it will point back to arvixe. When you’re done fixing it, you can click it back to return to pass through Cloudflare.

No need to change DNS servers.

Cloudflare wont change your server settings. You need to contact your host and tell them to configure your site properly to be served on HTTPS.

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