404 error after changing DNS records

Hi, I started to use Cloudflare on my www.toycentral.info, and I have a problem with error 404. Yesterday I changed DNS in my shared hosting to:

but still, I see 404 error. What is going on? If there is something else what should I do with my shared hosting or website? Something with SSL?I didn’t know that my website will be not working long time after migration :frowning:


That error is being returned by your origin server. It is possible (likely) that the virtual directory settings are incorrect on the server hosting your content. In the short term, setting your SSL settings to Flexible on the SSL/TLS app will likely resolve the error but only half the connection will be served under SSL. To fix the issue your host will need to fix the virtual directory issue and then you can go back to full.

I changed SSL settings to Flexible and it’s working now :slight_smile: Thx

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