403 status code trying to access domain registration tab and submit a support ticke

I created a new account today, verified my email, but cannot access the domain registration tab on my dashboard. I get a 403 status code and a popup that says “authentication error code 10000”. I can’t even submit a support ticket because I have a “fix the 2 errors marked above” message that never goes away, can’t upload any attachments (it just pinwheels), and get the same “authentication error” popup when I do try to submit without an attachment. Any advice?

I’ve also cleared my browser’s cache and cookies, tried different browsers, reset the wifi, tried different wifi, etc. Nothing has worked.

Sorry for the troubles with this. I took steps to correct that but do not know if they are effective. Two things, if you keep getting the error, can you let me know here and I will take other steps?

Next, if you are able to open a ticket for the issue you are encountering, please share that number here and/or the issue you are encountering and I can see if we can assist.