403 only from some regions

https://lamyra.org returns 403 Cloudlfare branding error from some regions (Chile, Brasil, etc).

  1. DNS proxy is enabled
  2. SSL/TLS encryption mode is Full (strict)
  3. Advanced certificate is installed
  4. Origin certificate is also installed

Example of response for request from Chile:

Hosting provider convinces that they don’t get any request on their side.

Could anybody explain what we doing wrong and how to fix it?

Your server generally does not seem to like too many concurrent requests.


Most checkpoints actually fail and even the ones where it works take 20+ seconds.

That’s something for your host to fix. As for the 403, you should check your server logs as well as Cloudflare’s event logs. It is either blocked on your server or by Cloudflare.

But still, you should fix these server issues.

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