403 forbidden - wordpress admin - please help

Hi team,

I would kindly appreciate your help in solving my issue :

1- I have bought a website through godaddy.com and i didnt install anything once i bought it.
2- I didnt include an SSL during my purchase with godaddy and wanted to do that after the transfer.
3- I immediately transferred my website to cloudflare by changing the DNS names.
4- A message came from cloudflare that my website is transferred successfully and activated.
5- I want to start using wordpress to create my website so i opened ( mywebsite/wp-admin )

I got a message 403 forbidden on my wordpress admin and i dont know what is the issue. Even when i enter the site normally ( mywebsite.com ) it shows this Web page is parked FREE, courtesy of GoDaddy but i transferred it already to cloudflare. I hope someone can help me solve this issue to activate my wordpress admin to use it with cloudflare.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @aes8583, can you share the name of the actual domain? That makes it easier to troubleshoot.


Your website gives a 404 and your login a 403. (403 Forbidden Request forbidden by administrative rules.)

Please have a read here as it describes the needed solution very detailed

This issue is not related to CloudFlare btw, but to your Server/Environment/Hoster and your WordPress Setup

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