403 Forbidden some files

Hello guys

I’m using a free plan of cloudflare and I found an issue that some files got 403 error.
Here’s some files that got 403 error.

And these following files can be access.

I’ve already checked all files permission. They’ve got 664 in the server.

I also found a topic like my issue 403 forbidden error just one file but my server didn’t block any IP Address. Now, I don’t understand why some files still got 403 error.

Check your server logs, they should tell you why your server returns a 403.

I tried to monitor both error.log and access.log but there is no 403 error on both logs.

This is an error from your server, so it should show somewhere up. You could also try to pause Cloudflare for now to simplify debugging.

The other issue is your server does not have a valid certificate installed. Considering there is no 526 error that means you have an insecure encryption mode on Cloudflare. You should fix that and configure a valid certificate on your server as well as switch to “Full strict”.

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