403 Forbidden (openresty)

Hi ,

I am new to Cloudflare and configured it as per guidlines that includes DNS records entry and updaing name servers.

My DNS record entries

Type Name Value TTL Status
A origin automatic bypass Cloudflare proxy
A domainname automatic Use DNS proxy (CDN)
A www automatic Use DNS proxy (CDN)

Post that I updated servernames at my DNS provider

When I access any resource its accessible through https://origin.domain.com/css/cssname.css while if I access any resource through https://www.domain.com/css/cssname.css it gives 403 forbidden(openresty) error.

Please let me know if i am missing anything , my origin is working fine and not giving any error and publically accessible

There were recently several threads mentioning OpenResty

I believe there was some security setting somewhere configured which prevented Cloudflare from connecting.

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