403 Forbidden on WP Cloudflare Plugin config.js

When I go to the plugin settings page, it is blank. According to the console, config.js is being blocked (403 forbidden). Folder & file ownership & permissions match those of every other file in the plugins folder, i.e., 0644 for files & 0755 for directories.

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Whats the URL?

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But you’d need to be logged in to see the error since the script doesn’t load for the front end by default.

I am afraid that 403 comes straight off of your server


That topic would be somewhat off-topic, but I’d check out the error log of the web server.

The only thing I could find was this:

Cannot Server Push (header size over 3072 Bytes)., referer: https://mercury.photo/wp-admin/options-general.php?page=cloudflare

I uninstalled the plugin and reinstalled & activated it. Still no joy. The odd thing is I can directly access all of the other regular files in the directory — e.g., https://mercury.photo/wp-content/plugins/cloudflare/userConfig.js, just not this one file. It has the same exact owner, group, and permissions as the other files.

I also reset the site .htaccess back to default to see if it was something in there. It wasn’t.

I somewhat do not believe it will be a permission issue. Rename the file to something else and try again. I would expect it to work. My guess, at this point, is something in the server configuration does not like requests for files with config in their name.

Your last reply gave me an idea of what was causing this. It was a rule in my .htaccess file that prevents access to files that start with the word “config.” I commented out the rule and now the plugin works.

Case closed.

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