403 Forbidden on primary domain

I’ve recently added a site bateman.network to Cloudflare pointing the aforementioned domain to an IP address and disabling the Cloudflare proxy initially while I’m getting this particular A record setup.

When visiting http://bateman.network however, I’m presented with a 403 Forbidden error. Nothing on the host machine is causing this as the IP address is accessible directly so I can only assume it’s caused by Cloudflare.

Why would Cloudflare block access to the IP address despite the proxy and caching being disabled.

See the screenshots below for further details (I’ll be changing the IP address in the future, I just needed something quick to accompany this support request):

As the record in question is not proxied, the connection goes straight to your server and Cloudflare is not involved.

Right now the entire machine is not accessible → sitemeer.com/#bateman.network

I’m guessing this is likely being blocked by my ISP then :pensive:

As that IP address seems to be part of a dynamic residential IP block there is some chance requests are being blocked by Vodafone.

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly, I had a sneaking suspicion that might be the case. I’ll reach out to them for clarification

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