403 Forbidden message

I am trying to add a record to forward my custom domain to webpage hosted by glossgenius[dot]com. However, I am getting a 403 forbidden error. The rules I have setup

Can someone assist me here?
The error I’m seeing is below:

I have setup two CNAME DNS rules

custom_domain → subdomain[dot]glossgenius[dot]com
www → subdomain[dot]glossgenius[dot]com

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Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. :logodrop:

Your domain does not have Cloudflare nameservers set. Unless you are using a Partial Setup on a Business or Enterprise plan, you are not using Cloudflare.

Your error message references Cloudfront, which is an AWS offering and has no relation to Cloudflare.

Please help me understand a bit I bought a domain name through cloudflare (ie daylaspa[dot]com)
I have configured cloudflare rules to forward the request from daylaspa[dot]com to jennifersadibasic[dot]glossgenius[dot]com (two CNAME rules in cloudflare)

Who is responsible for getting this forwarding working correctly?

You are.

You my be suffering a classic misconception of how CNAMEs work, and doubly so how Cloudflare proxied CNAMEs work

Let’s start with the most important part as it applies to your situation. When a client browser requests your site at www.example.com and the Cloudflare proxy passes the request along to your origin server at cloudfront.example.net, the HTTP header will still contain the original value of www.example.com. If you have to configured your origin server at cloudfront.example.net to respond to requests for www.example.com, you will not see the response that you are expecting. It is very likely that you will see what you have shared here.

You need to fix this on your Cloudfront setup if you expect it to know what to do with requests containing your www.example.com host headers.

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