403 forbidden error


I’ve been using cloudfare for a few months now. All was working fine, auto directing to https… however yesterday morning I started to get 403 errors.

The page just says

403 Forbidden


Any help would be much appreciated.




If you’re seeing a 403 error without Cloudflare branding, this is always returned directly from the web server, not Cloudflare, and is generally related to permission rules on your server.

Check out this article for some helpful tips:


I’m having a similar issue. This is happening on SSL-backed requests.
The response when not making an HTTPS request is a correct response from the server.


I am having exactly the same issue from today. The site has been working fine and nothing has changed recently.

Here is my StackOverflow question.

Any ideas? Did you resolve it?


Sorry didn’t update this thread.

So I didn’t do anything, it just came back. It took a few days, which is annoying. I was fiddling around trying to get it to work, but nothing seemed to make a difference. i woke up one morning and it was back. Sorry can’t be of any more help.