403 forbidden error when cloudflare is on

Hi, I have noticed that when I turn on Cloudflare I get 403 forbidden error when I run an HTTP header status.
I will get HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden
The interesting part is that the website when you go to it loads perfectly on the frontend.
I noticed that some sites that use Cloudflare have it and some don’t. So I am assuming that those that don’t get that have a fix to it.
Does anyone face this and know how to fix it?

The WordPress website in question is thehowandwhatwordpressnerd.com ( I turned off Cloudflare now as I am scared that search bots sees that and think there is an issue. Each time I turn Cloudflare on ranking drops so I think this could be causing it).

That’s interesting, as I have noticed that when I use ‘curl -i’ on some Cloudflare sites. But not my own. So I don’t have access to any logging. A 403 should show up in your own server logs, or in Cloudflare’s Firewall Events Log.

If you can track down the source of your 403 errors, I’d love to hear what it was.

Yes, it is interesting. Even wpengine.com shows that. I really think thats what causes my rank drop each time i turn Cloudflare cache on for any of my sites. And each time i remove Cloudflare cache the ranking comes back within 24 hours. So weird.

I will update you if I find anything on how to resolve this.

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