403 forbidden error on mixcloud for almost a month

Hi, could you please help me? Mixcloud support won’t respond to my emails. For almost a month, I haven’t been able to open Mixcloud. A white page with “403 forbidden” comes up. I’ve tried resetting the router, different computers in the house (same wi-fi network), different browsers, turning the firewall off & back on, clearing cache/cookies, a private browsing window, disabling plugs ins and no pop up blocker. I’ve even contacted the ISP to make sure it was nothing on their end and also had them send a signal to reboot the router. When I try it on my phone’s broswer on 4g, Mixloud comes up but not when I’m connected to my router. This happens only on Mixcloud and all other sites work perfectly fine. Please help, thanks!

You might do an nslookup or dig on your local machine to see what IP address it is resolving to…

dig mixcloud.com +short

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