403 forbidden error just one file


I have read a lot about this error on this forum, but this time, I can’t understand.

I have just one file (in my country) with 403 Forbidden error https://www.sportuitslagen.org/images/flags/19.png

All the other flags are fine (I haven’t tested all) and these files have the same rights on my server (Apache 2.4.10)

And this domain (sportuitslagen.org) is an alias of les-sports.info and https://www.les-sports.info/images/flags/19.png have no error on my country too.

Can you give me some tips so I could try to resolve this problem ?



Actually works for me → http://sitemeer.com/#https://www.sportuitslagen.org/images/flags/19.png

Could it be some browser cache or some hardcoded IP address in your case? Or maybe you restricted some IP address in your configuration. The error appears to come straight from your server.


Thanks for the answer.

I can’t understand why just one flag doesn’t work and not the other. And it works fine for other IP : I have tested it with Tor Browser which doesn’t use the same IP.

I have tested to purge the cache, but it doesn’t work.

I will check my server logs.



I think that it comes from denied IP in my .htaccess

I had checked before all the IP listed in IP Ranges in my .htacces file, but I think that it doesn’t list all the Cloudflare IP.

I will check regularly here in Canada and with friends in Europe.

Thanks to Sandro for his answer.


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