"403 Forbidden" error in a crawl report

How do you allow crawlers to access the website without getting this continuous, noisy error in a crawl report?

May I ask if they’re some know crawlers and bots like Google’s or Bing’s, or rather some custom-made crawlers/bots? :thinking:

If their requests are being challenged or blocked, you should be able to see them under the Security → Events.
I’d suggest you to navigate to the Security tab → Events of Cloudflare dashboard and double-check for any events which would indicate the crawler request are being challenged or blocked by some Cloudflare security setting or WAF.
Could be followed by the Bot Fight Mode, Security Level, WAF Managed Rules or Browser Integrity Check service which was triggered.

If yes, then we could allow/bypass them via WAF rule.
Otherwise, I’d suggest you to visit https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/configurations/verified-bots and submit your crawler/bot there for such case.