403 Forbidden cloudflare


My web domain is www.octarange.com. I bought this domain from Godaddy and was hosting it on Shopify. I terminated my website in February. Few days ago I restarted my website but it’s giving me an error 403 Forbidden cloud flare. I have checked with Godaddy and Shopify both and they want me to let you guys know to disable SSL certificate by cloud flare which is still valid on my domain. Because of your certificate Shopify isn’t able to issue their own SSL certificate hence my website isn’t working. I’m sharing a screen shoot of your certificate attached to my domain. How can I disable it.


You’re using GoDaddy DNS, but you have a CNAME for ‘www’ that points to Shopify. You need to update your DNS at GoDaddy.

What should I change it to? Do I need to change the CNAME?

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