403 Forbidden cloudflare after deletion the Site from Cloudflare

I have just deleted my website from Cloudflare and reset the Host DNS Records to default, also I reactivated the Host Blue Host SSL Certificate , the problem is giving me 403 Forbidden

Cloudflare error when I am trying to reach my website also I am not able to reach the WordPress dashboard , Could any one explain me what is happening and what should I do now.

DNS can take up to 48 hours to fully propagate. If you posted a URL, we could check for sure.

Really I do appreciate your Answer , The URL is Studyshoot.com

On the upside, it looks like your DNS has propagated to BlueHost.

On the downside, the IP address BlueHost has for your website is the one giving the error. You’ll have to take this up with BlueHost, as this is now under their control.

Thanks again. This is The Problem. Bluehost are telling me it is a Cloudflare Problem.
I don’t know. Could That be just time issue while the DNS response for the Bluehost Configurations?
Could You suggest something.

Who is your website host?

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The Website Host is Bluehost. and I have talked to them Three Times and in Every time they told me something and then They told me it is Cloudflare Issue. Thats why I have written my Problem here.

Bluehost is responsible for hosting, Cloudflare is out of the picture.

Get a new host. Seriously. They are your domain registrar and DNS host. If they can’t figure this out, they don’t deserve your money.

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Well thank You , I know that but that I did not get help from my host, Looking if someone has an Idea here. Best Regards

I will really change them because they had never helped me .
Very Thanks for your Help really , I do appreciate this .
have a nice day.

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