403 Forbidden After A Name Change


A website I’m trying to get up and running http://www.cash4homesltd.co.uk is showing a 403 error.

I’m trying to change hosts of the site & rebuild it from scratch, so my new hosting provider told me to change the A Record and point it from our old Devs to their IP, which I did and which is when the error occurred.

Can anybody help at all as to what I’m doing wrong?


  1. There’s no DNS record for the ‘www’ subdomain.
  2. When I try to connect to your domain, the server shows a 403 error. That’s something that needs to be fixed at the server.

I suggest that you use the “Pause Cloudflare on Site” option in the lower right corner of the Overivew page and then wait five minutes for it to take effect. Then make sure your site responds to HTTPS as well as HTTP.

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