403 errors and Speedvitals

Let me start this post by saying:

  • Google page speed testing works fine,
  • Cloudflare’s internal speed test works fine
  • I can see my site via VPN from various locations around the world

This issue only started about a week ago. I have not modified any settings other than purging my cache as I modify my website page

But I often use speedvitals to test performance around the world and in the last few days it has been throwing 403 errors as seen in the screen shot below

I curled my domain with Cloudflare enabled and got a 403.

I then disabled the Cloudflare proxy and all worked find.

  • I could curl my domain
  • My global speed tests returned status 200

Is the solution to add a WAF rule to enable speedvitals ?

Looking for any insight and hopefully my question helps other people out

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