403 error while submitting the sitemap to Bing

I am facing this issue while submitting my sitemap to the webmaster tool i have try many troubleshooting processes but all are fail so,
403 (Forbidden)
“Bingbot received an HTTP 403 response while fetching the sitemap/feed. Please make sure that Bingbot is authorized to access the sitemap/feed location.”

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What exactly have you tried so far?

i have updated the htaccess file also robots.txt using the rank math sitemap i have doubled check that too:

I’m facing same problem with my websites!

Here’s a search link for solved 403 topics. Those provide more guidance.


There was nothing much useful to solve this issue:
and I have read these before posting this error:

Then I’m afraid it’s not a Cloudflare issue. Otherwise you would have seen those 403 errors in the logs.

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