403 error when bots access my site

Hi, Cloudflare is returning a 403 error to every search engine and PPC bot. some bots scan the site anyway and some don’t. I pause cloudflare and the bots get a 200 OK.
i scanned the firewall logs and cloudflare is reporting no issues. I set my bot management to allow all, and even install a firewall rule to allow all bots with no luck.
i contacted tech support but they told me to do the stuff i just listed and then they walked away.

any help out there?

Looks suspicious. Do you have a screenshot of your firewall events?

Maybe you can post your domain here so we can take a look.

I found the issue, I think.
Under rule set “Cloudflare Specials” I found found #100035, B, C + D set to block.
These should block fake google and bing bots. when i set them to disable, the 403 error was eliminated for bing. and google.
I wonder what changed for me to need to do this?
and, it was blocking only bingbot and googleadsbot.

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