403 ERROR The request could not be satisfied

I am unable to render my website with domain https://www.adservs.in/ but at the same time the website is live with the link AdServs Shoppe - Exalt Your Brand

Screenshot of error: Screenshot by Lightshot
Screenshot of DNS: Screenshot by Lightshot

This error has been appearing since 27th Dec, 2021. Requesting you to please advise me on the solution to this issue.

Awaiting your prompt response.

Thanks & Regards,

That 403 is coming from AWS Cloudfront and not Cloudflare. We aren’t able to assist with Cloudfront issues.

Yes, But I am not using AWS Cloudfront service and haven’t used it before.

Are you still seeing the same error? I am able to open the first link now.

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Yes, It was solved. I guess it was drv.tw side error I emailed them the same query and it was resolved.

Thank you for your support, have a good day.


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