403 error on wordpress website (cloudflare and hostgator)

Hi there,

my website: www.breathinglabs.com has started returning 403 errors (after I installed WP plugin Cloudflare), I then deleted that plugin and readded (delete and add) site on Cloudflare.

First I need to establish if this is a branded 403 error or not (so if it is 403 on cloudfare server or on hostgator). The server is returning me screenshot in attachment - I assume this is 403 on Cloudflare, correct?

The site appears to load for me. Have you tried flushing your browser cache?

Yes, 403 is gone now (sorry for late reply).

Another thing: all browsers report that the site is “not secured” although it loads through https just nicely. Is this a temporary thing I guess? If not is there a thread about that already?

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