403 error on subdomain

Hello there! I am trying to set up the staging environment for a wordpress installation, I created the A records for the subdomain but I get a 403 error with Cloudflare branding. I believe it has to do with the SSL!

Does anyone have any idea how to solve this?


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Do you have a certificate installed on your server? If not, make sure you install one.

There is a Let’s Encrypt Certificate for the main domain, and I just installed one for the subdomain. But Still the same problem

All right, whats the domain, respectively host in question?

It is staging2.xtremesurvival.gr

That host redirects to “www.staging2”. Is that intended?

Also, do you have a dedicated certificate on Cloudflare? If not that shouldnt work in the first place, though it appears it does however the certificate is not valid.

No dedicated certificate, just universal! So there is no solution ?

That is strange, as a host on such a deep level shouldnt work at all on a universal certificate.

Anyhow, the certificate is invalid in any case, so you’d need to get a $10 dedicated certificate from Cloudflare if you want to get that working. Is that redirect intentional?

Yes it is intentional. Thanks Sandro I will probably order a dedicated certificate!

In that case you will need a $10/month certificate from Cloudflare. Though, typically that should throw an SSL error and not just show a certificate warning, hence I am surprised. Would you feel comfortable to share the server IP address here?

Well I am checking to see if I can find a solution with my host. And I will let you know

Well they told me there is a problem with the certificate and that they will fix it!
Thanks for your help!!

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