403 error on post request

Hello Everyone.
I get a 403 response from Cloudflare when i submit a form (post request) with a file larger than 8MB.
Php post_max_size and upload_max size are set to 64MB so this is not the issue.
The same form in another domain (which is not on Cloudflare) on the same server works fine. So i am guessing that this is a Cloudflare issue.

Any ideas on this?

Have you really verified the 403 comes from Cloudflare?

Whats the URL?



Thank you

Again, have you verified that?

The way it seems that error does not come from Cloudflare.

Hey Sandro,

I am not completely sure on how to 100% verify that this is coming from Cloudflare. I cloned the form in another domain outside Cloudflare and it is working fine. How do you know 100% that this is not coming from Cloudflare?

Thank you for your time.

That is a clear message from your server


You need to fix that there.

Ok i will investigate more. Thank you

My real big problem is that Apache does not log the 403 error at all thus i cannot investigate the issue.
I am a bit stuck

In that case I’d take this to StackExchange.

Will do, thank you

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