403 error on images only


I’ve been using Cloudflare’s SSL for some time on a domain name (Sheetmetalworld.com), but over the last couple of days images are no longer being displayed. If I use my browser’s Inspect function, it says that the images are failing with a 403 error message. If I try to load the image i get the following Cloudflare error message:

Error 1000 Ray ID: 445f64002729bbfc • 2018-08-06 06:19:13 UTC
DNS points to prohibited IP

I raised the issue with my ISP and they responded as follows:

We’ve recently rolled out varnish onto one of our load balancers, the purpose of this is to cache media files such as “png, jpeg, jpg” and such in an attempt to reduce load and network traffic to our storage boxes and web-servers.

In a further response they said that they will resolve the issue but in the meantime my only option is to point the domain at their servers instead of via Cloudflare. Is this correct? Are there any other options?


Can cloudflare be used with varnish together?

This has now been resolved as my ISP has rolled back their implementation of Varnish due to problems.


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