403 Error None Branded

We are experiencing a 403 error on our site that is using the Cloudflare CDN.
The 403 is not showing any Cloudflare branding like stated in this info here > https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003014512-4xx-Client-Error-Why-am-I-getting-a-403-error-#code_403

We didn’t think it was a Cloudflare issue until we turned all Proxy settings to DNS settings to bypass the Cloudflare settings.

We can now access the test page that was showing a 403 none Cloudflare branded error.

Why would this test page be now visible after switching off all proxy settings and does anyone know what we can do to resolve this so we can reinstate Cloudflare back on the website?

It could just be your server blocking Cloudflare requests, which would of course go away if you bypass Cloudflare. And that certainly explains this:

Have you checked your server logs for the 403 errors?

Thank you.
Does this mean the server could be blocking the Cloudflare IPs?

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