403 Error if I want to acces my Website in South Africa

My website (fitrewardtoken.com) is blocked in South Africa. So no one can access it from South Africa because the error code 403 comes here.
Can you help me with this problem?

If you’re seeing a 403 error without Cloudflare branding, this is always returned directly from the origin web server, not Cloudflare, and is generally related to permission rules on your server.

The top reasons for this error are:

  1. Permission rules you have set or an error in the .htaccess rules you have set
  2. Mod_security rules.
  3. IP Deny rules

Since Cloudflare can not access your server directly, please contact your hosting provider for assistance with resolving 403 errors and fixing rules. You should make sure that Cloudflare’s IPs aren’t being blocked.

There are some instances where Cloudflare will serve a branded 403 error page. Please review the below knowledge base article and community tip on resolving 403 Errors:

4xx Client Error

[Community Tips- Fixing Error 403 Forbidden] (Community Tip - Fixing Error 403 Forbidden)

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