403 error being generated via Cloudflare

I have been having an ongoing 403 error for the past few days, and this is what my hosting company have come up with-

We tested loading your website both directly from the server as well as through Cloudflare and we can see a difference:

  1. We loaded the website via Cloudflare and we did indeed encounter the 403 error on the Breakdance plugin. [We checked the particular error and it seems to be an asset within the page.

  1. We then changed the settings of our own computers so the domain will load directly from the server, bypassing Cloudflare, and the same asset is loading normally

As you can see from the 1st screenshot, the 403 error is coming from Cloudflare and there may be some filter that is triggered or a custom filter required to let this particular request through. We can advise to have this checked with Cloudflare as they may be able to provide you with the specific rule to add through the firewall.

Does anyone have any suggestions how I can create a custom filter to fix this.



this is the second screenshot the hosting company sent me

Go to your security events…


…filter by the ray ID (cf-ray in the headers in the screenshot you posted) and it will tell you why the request was blocked. You can then put in a rule to match the request and skip whatever feature blocked it.

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