403 error and more

Having lots of problems on my website when I connect it to Cloudflare.

When I run it through GTMetrix, I get 403 Forbidden error. Google Pagespeed tells me Lighthouse returned error: Errored_Document_Request.

I’m also getting a weird message inside of my WP dashboard from something called BitNinja (no idea what that is).

All these errors go away when I pause Cloudflare on my site. Any idea what might be causing these problems?



It sounds like you’ve increased a security setting here that’s blocking bots. Have you made any changes to Firewall Rules, Page Rules, or Firewall Settings?

EDIT: But your site works when you visit it, correct?

Hi, thanks for your reply!

“Have you made any changes to Firewall Rules, Page Rules, or Firewall Settings?”

No, I haven’t.

Anyway, I disconnected Cloudflare and reconnected it. This time I didn’t get any error messages. But my site speed on GTmetrix went from about 2.0 seconds to 6-10 seconds. So there’s still something strange going on,


When you write disconnect, reconnect, do you mean change name server (NS) config to your registrar ?

No sorry, I meant that I paused Cloudflare and then unpaused it.

Did you check :

  • htaccess
  • ownership folder, file with right access
  • Firewall rules on your server, Cloudflare, …

Make a trace route from Vancouver (By default Gtmetrix is hosted here) with vpn if you can. And see what happen…

Do you use OVH? If yes deactivate ip firewall, but don’t forget to configure it properly on you host! And try.

difficult to help with so little informations

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