403 codes on subdomains after setting Pages custom domain

Good morning community and happy thanks giving if apply.

I’m having an issue with pages, I have domain example.com and page example-com.pages.dev and I’m trying to add this domain on the custom domain section, however when I do this I start to get 403’s all over the place on my other subdomains pointing to s3 buckets


all this subdomains start to give 403 for any path, without any change to the buckets whatsoever, while example.com is working fine

If I remove page custom domain everything start to work properly (except for the example.com of course).


That’s strange, not heard that before. Could you join the Discord please? Invite: Cloudflare Developers

I just did, I’m chstark do you want me to reshare the issue on an specific channel or you will dm me ?

This issue was a false alarme, can be deleted (I don’t have privileges to do so)

Can you share what the problem was in case someone else has a similar problem and searches the board?

The issue was the testing, brave browser and firefox were the browser that were showing the 403 error, but after some time they start working properly, I guess was some DNS caching issue

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