403 Cloudflare error invalid certificate

Hi Guys, I am not the best at these technical things, especially when coding and scripts. I had a domain on Cloudflare but have since removed it and gone back to GoDaddy. I use the domain in Shopify, and I am now trying to connect Active Campaign via API integration. When I put the store address in, and I get redirected to the store. I get a 403 of Cloudflare. I see in the Audit log in Cloudflare the domain remains thereafter, so I don’t know why they won’t let go of the domain. I can’t see it anywhere else in Cloudflare except in the audit log. Please tell me how I can get my certificate valid again

Shopify uses Cloudflare for your store. You’ll have to contact them to resolve certificate issues.

I need to get hold of shopify?

It is showing in my cloudflare account though?