403 but not in incognito mode

The issue is with Cloudflare only; many users have encountered the same problem, and whenever we try to reach the Cloudflare team, we are directed to the community, which doesn’t have a solution for this problem. I’ve checked almost every article here but found no reliable solution. The same is happening with our site

Is that a 403 when visiting your site? I don’t. When did this start to happen?

Can you share some links to those articles? I’d like to review them to ensure they’re accurate.

Can you describe the contact methods you’ve attempted and the related ticket number(s)? I do not see any activity with Support.

What steps have you attempted?


There are no issues with the URL it is with the indexing in the Google search console. All my url’s are working but whenever I tried to submit the URLs it gave an error I sorted the issue myself.

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