403 blocking my email client from access server side images

I am integrated with Klaviyo for my emails and they are running into a 403 error for accessing my image files - can I add them as a user agent or something to give the program access?

Any help on how I can solve this would be great!

I recommend searching for the blocked or challenged request in the Security app under the Overview tab in the Firewall Events section of your Cloudflare Dashboard. From there you can see what is causing the block and potentially create a Firewall Rule in order to allow the user agent.

Do you mind sharing a screenshot of the 403 error message, as well as the Ray ID on the error page?


Hello Paige,
Thank you for the response, the email client said it’s hot linking protection, the ray id 7b642f257eeb5764, please see attached screenshot.

I would like to add the email client to the allow list on two of my sites. How would I do this please?


I have put in an exception rule to allow for the client id of Klavio to pass through the filter to get the images but that still hasn’t worked. I really need some assistance on this as my support with them will expire within the next week.

Can I please have some assistance as this is affecting two of my domains.

The report in the headers indicates that there is a Cloudflare report that you can refer to:


Due to lack of help from Cloudflare I had to turn hot linking off as I couldn’t figure out how to allow this one agent to get the images.

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