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I am not an active user of Cloudflare. However, I am affected by it every day. Any website that utilizes Cloudflare has banned my home broadband setup. Each time I try to access a site with Cloudflare active on a page on their domain, I get “error 403” blocked and cant access the page.

I’ve tried a new WAN IP, and new LAN IP, bought a new router, and am still getting blocked. It’s been weeks and weeks and I’m still blocked. It’s making my life and my work a living ■■■■ as I rely on these sites for my livelihood.

If there is anyone who could help. I would greatly appreciate it.

Many thanks.

Can you access the following sites that are using Cloudflare?



Thanks for the reply. I can open the first link but not the second one. The second I get “attention required, Sorry you have been blocked”

I’ve attached a picture of the 403 error. I’ve written over my IP in black just for reference.

If anyone can assist me as to whether this is indeed cloudflare. And if so, what I can do to get the block removed.

That means that not all Cloudflare sites are inaccessible to you.

The reason you cannot access aq.coelmay.org is because there is a rule that blocks all traffic not originating from a specific location.

q.axs.co.uk doesn’t use Cloudflare in any event. It is hosted by Amazon.

Thank you. That’s good news in a sense. Why would it be that I can access one of the two coelmay links and not both?

Moreover, I must be mistaken in thinking 403 is due to Cloudflare when it is instead Amazon. What service is this from Amazon?

Many thanks,


If you have any sort of relationship with these sites that you rely on for your livelihood, you may want to ask their administrators to allowlist you. After all, they are the ones implementing the feature.

And, yes, I’ve also been seeing more websites show a Cloudflare challenge anytime I visit. For now, they merely slow me down and I’m not blocked. I don’t know if this implies an exponential growth in Cloudflare adoption in recent months… or a tightening of the default rules for all sites on the Cloudflare network.

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I explained this previously


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Apologies I must have read over the explanation without properly reading it.

Thank you for your assistance. I’ll try and reach out to Amazon regarding their rainforest blocking.

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You can certainly try contacting Amazon, but you are likely to have more success contacting the sites that you have a relationship with.

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I’ve reached out to all of the websites which have this protection on it. None seem to have got me anywhere worthwhile as the 403 block persists.

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