403 and 400 errors in Dashboard

It seems to me that there’s some issue with my account.
I get different errors in the Cloudflare dashboard, independent of the browser and also with cleared cache.

I get 403s on the profile page in the dashboard for the communication preferences, which is i guess related to the displayed “authentication error” banner at the bottom:

Creating Api tokens via the dashboard is also not possible for me, although i’m the superuser account (with the free plan).

I’ve also created a support ticket with the number 2374012.

If it’s a Authentication Error Try Logging out & Logging-in to your account .

Revert Back if this doesn’t fix .

Please be patient while anybody reply to your post . if they can’t solve your issue they will esaclate your issue

Tried again logging in and out, still showing the same error.

Sure, i’ve read the help articles.

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As stated in the automatic reply of support tickets, i’m asking for @MoreHelp with ticket number 2374012

Can you check if your email is verified? You can see that on your profile page.

Yes, is verified.

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Thank you, I just escalated your post for our support team. I’ve seen a similar issue before, I added a link to this conversation and cc’d myself on your ticket to track progress. Sorry for the issues with this.


Great, thx. If someone still needs additional info or more types of logs/ other useful stuff, just hit me here or on the ticket. I hope the problems are described well.

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Got a response from Support, they “repaired” my account so the problems are fixed now and i will close this threat here.